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        • Applicable Models: DC Brushless Variable-frequency Motor
        • Product Model: DDM
        • Applicable Models: Impeller Full-automatic Washing Machine
        • Main Purpose:
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        Ⅰ.Rated Parameter:


        2.Working System:S1(continuous)

        3。Output Power:  reference value140W (800rpm)

        云南快乐十分 4.Number of Poles:12

        5.Insulation Class:F class

        6.Rotation Direction:leftward and rightward rotation

        7。Service Environment:temperature of -5~+40℃,humidity of lower than 85%RH

        8。Service Environment:temperature of -5~+40℃,humidity of lower than 85%RH


        Ⅱ. Output characteristics of motor

        Category Rotation speed
        Single phase
        Input power
        Data 800 1.67 1.55±10% 190±10%  


        云南快乐十分 Ⅲ. Electrical Performance

        Item Standard value Unit Remark
        Winding resistance* 5.3-5.8 Ω Ambient temperature 20℃
        No-load input current* 1.0 A Reference value
        No-load rotation speed* 800 ~ 1100 rpm Reference value
        Insulation resistance More than 100 DC500V megger
        Withstand voltage Coil and stator core 1500V/1min   Leakage current of
        lower than 5.0ma
        Spline and rotor core 2500V/1min
        ensor terminal and shell 1200V/1sec
        Interturn test 2500V/1sec   Normal curve, area difference4%
        Winding temperature rise F class (lower than 115K) K Room temperature condition

        Items with “*” are nominal values, please refer to the product test report for detailed contents.

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