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Weikang Motor
       Zhejiang Weikang Motor Co., Ltd. is located in Nanxun Town, Huzhou City, Zhejiang Province, Yangtze Delta with developed economy. As one of the ten charming famous towns, Nanxun Town has well kept architectural complex in Ming dynasty and Qing dynasty, houses of celebrities, peaceful lanes, small bridges over flowing stream and antique flavor, with human landscape topping the six ancient water towns south of the Yangtze River. The town is only more than 100 kilometers away from Shanghai and Hangzhou, and is connected to Shanghai-Jiangsu-Zhejiang-Anhui Highway, with Grand Canal, the “golden channel” and National Highway No.318 passing through.
       Main products of the company include: motor series for washing machine, motor series for automatic door control, three-phase motor series, DC brushless variable frequency motors, three-phase variable frequency motors, etc. They are mainly supplied to famous domestic appliance manufactures and directly exported to the Middle East, South America, Southeast Asia, Korea, South Africa, Russia, etc.
       The company has a plant area of 56,000 square meters, a total building area of 48,000 square meters, 650 staff, more than 100 various managers and technicians including more than 20 various professional technicians with medium or high title. It is also equipped with domestic leading motor production and detection equipment (including: full-automatic winding machine, full-automatic coil inserting apparatus, automatic shaper, full-automatic special rotor machine tool, full-automatic paint immersion machine, stator comprehensive test board, full-automatic motor comprehensive detection line, etc.). The company now has an annual productivity of 5 million sets of motors.
       The company always sticks to the tenet of “Survival and Development by Quality, Quality as Base”. It comprehensively implements the quality management standard built according to ISO9001:2000 standard, takes user satisfaction as the sole standard to measure product quality, and constantly improves and upgrades product quality. All “Weikang” motors of the company pass “CCC” and “CE” certifications. “Weikang” motor was listed among “Zhejiang High-quality Promoted Products on Market” by the “High-quality Product” promotion office of Zhejiang Province. The company was awarded bronze medal of “Zhejiang Quality Qualified Unit” by the Quality and Technology Supervision Bureau of Zhejiang Province. “Weikang” motor has won the trust and praise of users.
Weikang Motor
       Science and technology are the primary productive forces. The company prioritizes technical development and technical progress, appropriately inclines talent, capital and resources to technological affairs, and actively cultivates and introduces professional technicians. It has forged a professional technology team integrating design, development and production technology management. Making unremitting endeavor, the company will promote the continuous strengthening of its technology development ability, push forward technical progress and guarantee better and faster development of the enterprise.
       Credit is the consistent principle of the company in the whole growth process. The company makes solemn promise: “Weikang” motor guarantees quality and has reasonable price, and it will always be your trustworthy friend. Welcome to visit us.

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